This by That represents architects who challenge the status quo.

These studios embrace innovation, experimentation, and the challenge of designing for equity and sustainability. Their unique and constructive ideas about how to change the world for the better manifest in striking and impactful designs that connect to the broader culture. This by That was founded in 2016 by Danielle Rago and Honora Shea, and is based in Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY.

This by That offers press and PR services, communications consulting, and boutique business development services to architecture practices, helping them to secure new partners, projects and media exposure.
The agency also matches creative clients looking to build new environments or transform existing spaces with architects who share their ambitious, innovative vision.

Our current team consists of Honora Shea and Eboni Lewis in Los Angeles, and Ryan Quinlan in New York. Contact us.

This by That has worked with:

Abruzzo Bodziak Architects, After Architecture, Alda Ly Architecture, Almost Studio, AN.ONYMOUS, Andrea Leung, Aanda, Architecture Office, Architensions, Automated Architecture (AUAR), Besler & Sons, Bryony Roberts Studio, Bureau Spectacular, CO Adaptive, Davidson Rafailidis, Endemic Architecture, Florencia Pita & Co., Formation Association, Frederick Tang Architecture, FreelandBuck, French 2D, Future Firm, HYCArch, LAA Office, The LADG, Light and Air, MALL, MKCA, New Affiliates, Ozel Office, Pachano & Vollert, Parc Office, Spiegel Aihara Workshop (SAW), SCHAUM/SHIEH, Soft-Firm, SOFTlab, Studio Cadena, Studio J.Jih, Taller KEN, Taylor and Miller, The School of Architecture (TSOA), Ultramoderne, Volkan Alkanoglu, Worrell Yeung, Young & Ayata, and Young Projects.