Canal Projects

Worrell Yeung, Canal Projects

This by That matched architecture studio Worrell Yeung with their client, contemporary arts organization Canal Projects, to realize the renovation and redesign of two floors of a historic landmarked cast-iron building on the border of New York’s SoHo and Tribeca neighborhoods.

Originally built as a manufacturing building in 1900, the landmarked five-story cast-iron building retains many of its original details including its white  facade, original masonry, cast iron steam radiators, and historic double-hung windows. Worrell Yeung’s carefully crafted design approach highlights and restores the original industrial character of the building and contrasting attributes of the ground and basement levels, totaling 6,000 square feet, that are occupied by the gallery. Says Worrell Yeung Co-founder and Principal Jejon Yeung, “We designed the foundation to be a series of spaces that would compress and expand, collapse and unfold and move between dark and light.”