Studio Kër

Studio Kër

Studio Kër, founded by creative director Michael Bennett, is a platform for his visionary design concepts. The studio's mission is to craft intentional objects and spaces that harmonize with the natural world and encourage meaningful interactions between humans. Studio Kër is committed to exploring both contemporary and historical elements of the African diaspora, challenging traditional Western perceptions of design and architecture, and creating spaces for Black agency.

The moniker Kër refers to the word for “house” in Wolof, the language spoken by the Wolof people in Senegal, and the work of the studio thereby also represents the essence of home, a sacred space where meaningful connections can thrive. Studio Kër is driven by a desire to enrich cross-cultural dialogues and provide a platform for diverse voices to flourish, celebrating the power of our shared narratives.

Studio Kër’s craft is characterized by a commitment to sustainability and the rebirth of materials. They defy the cycle of waste by advocating for materials to live multiple lives, believing that they hold stories waiting to be transformed. Every aspect of Studio Kër’s creative process, from strokes to material choices, is infused with intentionality.

Studio Kër’s philosophy revolves around four core principles: STUDY, PLAY, LISTEN, and SPEAK. Through continuous learning, playful experimentation, attentive listening, and purposeful communication, Studio Kër deepens their understanding of materials and the environment enhancing creative insight and sensitivity.

Studio Kër’s designs serve to challenge traditional Western perceptions of design and architecture, and create spaces for Black agency.