Taylor and Miller

Taylor and Miller

Light brings architecture to life. Material gives it character. These two essential elements of building—light and material— anchor us in a time and place. Taylor & Miller are architects with expertise in the relationship between light, material, space, and memory. We're also builders and makers with professional backgrounds in construction and internationally recognized expertise in fabrication. For more than 20 years, we've been working at this intersection of art and craft, creating memorable spaces for people who want to discover the poetry of everyday life.

Clarity of expression that comes from a deep understanding of light and material.

Our work ranges in scale and style, but is unified by an integrity and rigorous execution. Every project we design feels whole. Every building, from the shape and structure to the smallest detail, feels like a complete thought, with a clear continuity between spaces and experiences. This clarity of expression comes from our deep understanding of light and material. From the earliest stages of a design, we think about how lighting—both natural and artificial—can define architectural spaces. And we think about how we can act on materials—how we cut, join, and illuminate them—to change their properties and change our perception. These transformations can feel like magic. But they’re the product of hard work and close collaboration.

Founding partners B. Alex Miller and Jeffrey Taylor started Taylor & Miller in 2002 while still students at MIT, where they first learned about the transformative impact of architectural lighting and material fabrication. Those ideas have become a cornerstone of the practice. Today, as licensed architects and contractors, we’ve designed, built, and illuminated thoughtfully crafted private homes and retail spaces. As lighting designers we have overseen dozens of large-scale lighting projects all around the world. Our lighting clients include institutes of higher education, leading hospitality groups, cultural institutions, like Walker Art Center and the Orange County Museum of Art, and global luxury brands — notably, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Gucci.

With offices in New York City and the Berkshires, Taylor & Miller works with a diverse group of collaborators who share an appreciation for poetic, well-crafted spaces that evolve with the passing of the hour and the shifting of the season.